Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Advent Christmas Swap - Day 1

Hey everyone! :D
Sooo... it's been absilutely FOREVER since I've posted here! Hahaha... sorry... but I just find it A LOT easier to talk about my projects than to write about them... But I really do LOVE English and writing as a subject (one of my most favorites classes in school and college!), so go figure! Guess it's just all about time - and mine is already VERY divided between my duties as a wife and mother to two young boys... :D oh well.

Anyways! I shared on YouTube about a month and a half ago my Advent Christmas packaging for a swap I joined over at The Scrap Beach.  You can check out the videos below if you haven't already...

This first video covers my first two packages for Dec. 12th and Dec. 25th.

This video covers my packaging for my Angel Swapper slot on Dec. 14th.

So, as I explained in the videos, we had 17 days filled with participants - more than 12 for the 12 days of Christmas, but not quite 25 for a FULL advent Christmas. A bit weird, but no biggie. So, we all decided to just start opening gifts on the 9th of December instead of the 1st so that we can open a gift on the 25th of December! :D Like I said, not a FULL Advent Christmas, but something's better than nothing, right?

So... about 5 days ago I received my swap gifts! Yay! I had to organize everything by date (which wasn't to bad, but did get a little confusing at some points) and this is everything I got!

The hostess had to find a REALLY big box to send this all in! Once I got everything, I sorted through it and put them by order into another box I had laying around. I swear, I just wanted to tear into everything all at once! ;) Luckily, the hostess sent me a package I could open right when I got everything!

This was a "Thank You" gift she sent me for stepping in as an Angel Swapper at the last minute.  I was soo surprised! She was just too sweet to send that to me! 

These were what was inside the gift bag! I LOVE paper!!! Hehehe! She really didn't need to send these... I mean she did all the HARD work! After sorting through all the gifts I got, I could only IMAGINE what SHE had to go through! I only had 3 slots - she had to sort and repack for 17 slots!
Anyways, on to the gifts I opened today! Hehehe!
These gifts were sent in from Ceely King. She took two slots and this is her first slot!

I love the tags! They were probably die cut with her Cricut because the top layer is the negative part of the flourishes so that the red bottom layer can show through. Really cute! :D

And this is what I got for the first day of our Advent swap! Some neutral colored brads and embroidery floss (which I use VERY often) and a Mini Medley pack of Christmas colored metal pieces all from Close to My Heart. Cool, huh? :D

I won't be making videos of me opening these gifts. Instead, I've opted to just blog about them. My blog could definitely use the love and use! ;) So, I'll catch you all tomorrow with my second set of gifts! :D


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