Monday, December 17, 2012

Brown Packages tied with String Swap...

Hey everyone!

So, I joined a swap over at MSR last month (no surprise... hehehehe...)! It was hosted by the lovely Stephanie and was called "Brown Paper Embellishment Packages Tied Up with String." Sounds cute, huh? This swap was basically wrapping up 6 small embellishment goodies in brown wrapping paper and tying it with string! The wrapper could also be further embellished if we wished to do so. 
Well, for this swap, we had an odd number of participants and so we did a "round the house robin" kind of thing.  This means that one person will be sending me a box of goodies and I send my box to a completely different person.  I got in touch with the lady who I'm sending goodies to, and was able to procure a very good sized wish list! Also, in addition to her wish list, I found out the her favorite color is purple, which gave me the color of ribbon I wanted to tie my packages with! So, here's what everything looked like after I wrapped them all!

I think they turned out pretty gorgeous! :D And, as you can see, I actually sent 7 gifts instead of 6. I REALLY got into the wrapping. And, I think it's pretty ironic that my 7th gift is the ONLY wrapping I further stamped and embossed on. I would've done it to the rest, but all the others were either too small or too bulky to do so. Oh, well... still looks pretty! :D

Here's what I included in each of the packages for her and how I wrapped them:

First is a sampler of some flat-back pearls that I sell along with some bling trim in black. Marina, my partner, is a newbie to crafting and wanted some bling mesh, but I only had bling on a string. I gave her a yard each of the pearls and 2 yards of the bling. Hope that made up for that! :D

Next, Marina said she didn't mind receiving handmade goodies, so I made some fabric flowers  for her as well as a purple fabric butterfly! I mounted these on a couple of die cut card stock and included my info on the back.

 I also made a purple, black, and white charm dangle for her to use on a mini album if she wished to. I backed it on a small chipboard tag with my info on the back and packaged it in a pillow box.

Next, she requested some brads since she's getting really into using them. Luckily, I had a bunch of unopened packages of some Making Memories brads!

Last, on her wish list were some Tim Holtz items. I had a few different ideology things and trinkets, so I packaged them into a little gift box. I had also gotten her a Holiday/ Seasonal TH mask. I had gotten the idea to wrap this particular gift into a candy-like wrapper from my Advent Christmas swap. It turned out pretty cute! 

 Last, but not least, I decided to wrap up a K & Company Mat Pad and to stamp and emboss "Merry Christmas" and a whole bunch of snowflakes.

Anyways, that's all for now! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow. I love it all. I love the color combo, and the wrapping are beautiful. LOL

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Yvette! ;)