Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Christmas - Day 2

♫ On the second day of our Advent Christmas, Ms. Nishi gave to us... ♫

 Wood veneer ornaments, clear stamps, ribbon, and CHOCOLATE! (In the shape of Euro coins! ;D)
Sooo cute! These goodies came all the way from South Africa! Nishi was our only International swapper, but I feel so lucky to have something that traveled so far to get to me! :D The ornaments are kind of like the ones in Michael's - plain wood and TOTALLY alterable! My fave! :D I'm not sure what brand the stamps are since they only came in that clear packaging, but they're pretty darn cute! I simply LOOOVE that reindeer! He's full of snowflakes! And the chocolate was delish! Never had Euro chocolate coins... can't say they taste any different than 50 cent piece or dollar coins... hahaha!

Anyways, theses awesome goodies came in this packaging...
Behind the number 10 on the tag is Nishi's info - I'm still a bit amazed they came all the way from South Africa! Soo cool! Thank you soo much Ms. Nishi for the goodies!

Soo... I'll be back again tomorrow with my third set of goodies!
Thanks for stopping by!

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