Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent Christmas - Day 7

Hey everyone!

**Whew** Am I behind on posting these, or am I behind? Hehe...
Yes, yes, I am way behind! It seems that the closer we get to the 25th, the less hours there seem to be in my day. Craziness! Well, that's still really no excuse for being so late in posting my Advent gifts... ;) Oh well. Here's day 7, which we were to open on the 15th... (Go ahead and say it... FINALLY! Lols!)

These gifts were given by Ms. Cindy Dillion... and pretty much surprised everyone in this swap! I'm pretty sure these had us all wondering if she had stayed within the spending limit! Haha...  She was just too, too sweet to send these gifts to us! :D

I think these chipboard pieces were my favorite! I'm a strong believer that you can never have too many alphabet options!

Aren't these just so cute! I'm definitely going to be using those pink glitter pieces! I think I have the perfect paper and project for them!

These are super cute too! I might use the blue one for my youngest's baby album!

Anyways, thank you Cindy, and I will catch all of you again in the next Advent post! ;)


  1. Wow Nica I have really enjoyed visiting your blog. So talented and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I want to follow you, but I cant find a "follow me" button! Helllllllpppppp!


    1. Hey Jen!
      You know what... I was wondering about that myself! I've played and played with all the buttons and nothing I do seems to make the "follow" button appear! I think I'm the one who needs help!!! ;)

    2. Okie... so I got the button to work on Chrome, but it's still not working on FireFox... go figure... :S

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  4. Great gifts! I'm a new follower. :) Happy New Year!


  5. Just stopping by to say "Hello". I am a new follower.

    Happy New Year,
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