Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Year, New Beginnings... and a GIVEAWAY! YAY! :D

Ugh! It has been nearly an entire YEAR since I've posted anything on my blog! Goodness gracious... Is that a long time or what?! It hasn't been an easy past year though... soo much uncertainty and moving around going on... :( I hope this year is better! No, I KNOW this year is going to be better! =D We will make it so! ;)

Anyways, enough about that! =D Every new year comes with TONS of New Year's Resolutions... which all end up being dumped in the trash after a couple of months (sometimes sooner!)... So I'm going to try and keep mine simple and easy: 1) Get more crafty projects done, 2) Update my blog regularly, and 3).... Hmm, I don't have a three yet I think. But maybe I don't need one... Because I think number 2 is going to take A LOT of work already! :S We'll see how long this lasts... Hopefully I'll finally get one resolution under my belt! =D

Oh yeah! My title said something about a giveaway, right? =D Well, for those of you that follow me on YouTube, you'll know that my birthday was this past Tuesday (the 21st of January), and I decided to have a HUGE giveaway for my subscribers in celebration of my (blank) years here on Earth... ;) So, if you didn't already know this, head on over there and check out the AWESOME crafty goodies I'm giving away, subscribe, and comment! Easy peasy, right? =D

Anyways, have a GREAT weekend everyone! I'll be back shortly with a project share (I promise! ;D)...
♥s & hugs,

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